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Francis, great friend of Jesus
By Leoncio Grandmaison, S. J.

Among all Jesus’ friends and witnesses at Middle Age, F. Grandmaison, in his book “Jesucristo”, excels St. Bernard and St. Francis.

Francis of Assisi, the same way as St. Bernard, started from human and earthly life of Jesus. Differently to Clairvaux Monk, Francis wasn´t either wise nor theologian. Not even presbyter. His short life didn’t allow do by himself the immense works of apostolate seen in lives like a Vicente Ferrer or a Francis Xavier. Humbly submitted to Church authorities, he never aspired the Reformer title, and however, religious souls recognize an incomparable Holy Spirit Hero. But it was thanks to Lord’s contemplation and the persevering effort of Christ imitation, perhaps too literally for surface people, the way Francis got that height. He was in such a manner imbued of Spirit, love, Doctrine, Sufferings and Predilections of His Master, that he appeared to contemporaries and currents (and this is the key of his incomparable influence) as other Jesus.  A disciple, more jealous than wise, Bartolomew of Pisa, has written, exaggerating, concordances in Francis and Jesus lives. Useless hype, because material features don´t show this accordance, which is much deeper. Meek and humble of heart, poor as birds of sky, simple as a kid, vibrating with joy in humiliation and suffering, live comment of Beatitudes, the Poverello of Assisi, could say he didn´t live actually,  Christ was who lived in him. Stigmata were effect instead of cause, because consummated on the Saint flesh a truly perfect image in spirit.
What a live flame of love is which sprang from soul and lips of Francis! Everyone who read some modern biography of this great God’s friend knows it.  “You won´t understand this life –quotes rightly Chesterton- if you don´t realize religion signified for this great  mystic , not something abstract or ideal, like a theory but a heart question and the Love of a real being. Consciously, he continuously wanted to live as His Master, with His Master and from His Master. His Rule, as he thinked about is just the Gospel in action. At the beginning, it was formed almost all from St. Mathew verses. And, when brothers, apostolate needs, and human miseries increased, forcing additions, corrections, and clarifications, the Inspired Quotes are still preponderant.  Even at the First Rule “non bullata” sublime finish, is possible to distinguish, among the tenderly passionate pictures and callings, Evangelical word, everywhere like stone at a mountain countryside. And such a prayers! 

  • “Who are you, my sweet Lord and God? And, who am I, the most vile worm and useless servant of You? My really loved Lord! All I wanted to love you! My Lord and God! I give you my heart and body, but  I wish so much to do more for your love, if I´d know how!” (Little Flowers, part. II, cons. 3).

Francis never separates the Son of the Father; on his career highlight at Mount Alvernia, is still Jesus, and Jesus Crucified who introduces him at the “King’s secret” and the great divine joy. Until the end, this illustrious servant of God persevered as an ecstatic worshipper of the Master of Nazareth.

But, incredibly, Francis doesn´t seek this Master on his own way, by his only love, out of the Church Sacraments, Doctrines and Traditions. About this, evangelical theologian F. Heiler says Francis is just “the model of Catholic saint. All the identity features of Catholic Sainthood are printed on his face. All the wealth of Catholic piety lives in his wide and big soul; the powerful religious antinomies Catholic Christianity embraces are manifesy in his inner and outdoor life. Whoever who wants to release Catholicism pious secular, simple and with no theological formation, describe to him the figure of the poor of Umbria. Francis is not a semi heretic anyway, nor a reformer; less a modern religion Hero; he is, at the opposite, a exemplary and perfect finish of Catholic piety, whose irradiation has come to this day, without weakening. Because he knew that “no one will have God as Father if has not the Church as Mother” (St. Cyprien). More than once he vows of complete and perfect submission to Authority; he impose this submission to his disciples; he exalts the need of the authorized intermediary, consecrated, the Catholic priest, in terms where knowledge of  the terrible abuses of those times, represents and attitude truly heroic:

  • “The rule and life of Friars minor is this, namely: to observe Our Lord Jesus Christ Holy Gospel… Brother Francis promises obedience and reverence to Mr. Pope Honorius and his canonically elected successors and to Roman Church” (1 R 1). “No one of  the brothers preach against form and rules of the Holy Roman Church…” (1 R 17). “All the friars must be Catholic and must live and talk like Catholic. If someone sin against the Catholic Faith and Life…and don´t corrected, he must be absolutely expelled from our fraternity” (1 R 19).

  • “The Lord conceded to me, friar Francis, the grace to start penance so… The Lord gave and still gives a really big faith in priests who live according to the way of Holy Roman Church, because of his Order, that although if they persecuted me, I will keep them. And if I had so much wisdom like Salomon, and I found the poor priest of this world, I don´t want to preach against their will at the parishes they live. To then and all other, I want to respect, love and honor as my lords, and I don´t want to consider in them sin, because I understand in them the Son of God, and they all are my lords” (Testament).

[L. de Grandmaison, S.J., Jesucristo, Barcelona, Editorial Litúrgica Española, 1932, pp. 953-955.] [Selecciones de Franciscanismo, vol. III, n. 8 (1974) 221-222]


San Juan Evangelista y San Francisco El Greco, oil on canvas.

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From 2005, May or July

After we saw the indignation of people because of the University classes don´t start yet, mass media have published many tokens of their feelings about that case. This article is a compilation of Media reports taken from Information prestigious enterprises which gave us access and authorization to publish their research.

Agency BBZ News made a survey days ago. Here some questions whit their answers.

Journalist: what do you think about what´s happening now at University?
Mailman: I´m totally against. How is possible classes don´t start until May! Perhaps university authorities believe students are idlers and surface.
J: in your opinion, what is the reason for late start classes?
Old student: well, they must be seeking for the Peru’s best Master and PhDs.  Remember the great lecture students received the two daily hours we have classes last year?
J: for you, are good university classes start on May, around half-year?
Sociologist: eh, well, I believe it’s good for our soccer team the arrival of Ternero. I hope Freddie does not become corrupt as our soccer leadership.                                  
J: If you were Minister of Education, what would you do with these late classes start?
University candidate who failed: Wow, bro; I´m in Saturn, wanna try this marijuana?
J: what is your opinion about actual situation at University?
College student: Your question is not easy to answer. As you say, University is actually a situation for students; yeah, I mean,  University should be considered by students as a new situation in their lifes, and wastes more money in Soccer tournaments.

These are Survey results:
       The return of Fujimori                                .........................12%
       I watch Chacalón                                        ……….............45%
       Perú can be the champion of Kirin Cup            .........................18%
       No opinion                                                       ..........................13%
       Flawed vote                                               ..........................12%


   CÑÑ has been kind enough to share with us one of its notice which we transcribe completely.

       "At this very moment, our video cameras are in front of main local of University sited at Egopinto Street. Here, the third top (the most select of University) participates in a hunger strike, attempting to sensitize authorities. And, at this very moment, our CÑÑ micros will interview one of the strikers, a TV and radio scoop.

_"Hey, man, you are now  live and direct at this very moment through the CÑÑ video cameras.
_”Wow! Tell me, girl; I listen and answer.
_”Well, what is your message to all at this very moment through our CÑÑ video cameras?
_”I ask people join to us in this fight against corruption the same they did last year.
_"And what are you asking for finishing this hunger strike?
_"Well, we won't eat, and even more, we won't assist classes until classes start. A very hard blow to Rector, haha.
_"You listen and watch through CÑÑ video cameras at this very moment, live and direct, from the same scene, a exclusive and even inclusive scoop. From  University, Anita the reporter.

  Now we show  you the results in a research into Universitary chats. Talk Show Urraqueando con Maggi achieved  record a very interesting one.

       _Oh, man, that’s incredible!
       _Think as you wish, guy, but classes starts only on December.
       _ And just at our University, bro?
       _ No way, my friend. People told me prestigious Peruvian universities start on December as well.
       _ And that is good for us, guy?
       _ Well, bro, I don’t really know; it depends on the approach you give it?
       _ Wow, man, I don’t catch you.
       _ Well, you think, that is good if you see it believing classes starts before the official beginning of the year. But that’s bad when you see classes had to start on last April at least. Instead, why do you believe we were jobless all these months?
       _ Oh hek! That’s true, guy! No mind. Try this one, my friend. It makes you flight in ten seconds.
 Franco, yunta. ¡Alucinante! Toma, ¿has probado éste? Te lleva a Saturno en diez segundos.
       _ Oh, man, that’s incredible!


   In this section, we show you some headlines from newspapers and magazines.

       Corre! newspaper: there are no classes
       Cisaplina newspaper: New bar opening today!
      Carotas Magazine: Discontent increasing because of late start of University classes.
       Libro Sports Daily: Peru Soccer Team plays tomorrow, hurrah!
       La Cosa Pública newspaper: Miss Peru finalist disqualified: she didn’t know the Plank’s quantum theory.
     Das Rathaus Magazine (foreign): Peruvian people is about to rebel against university authorities.
   El Educador Popular Magazine: The future is within the children’s soul.

   Let’s finish this post sharing with you the interview El Caminante Magazine made Professor Edmundo de la Lata.
Journaliste: Morning, Mr. De la Lata.
De la Lata: Morning.
J : In your book, why authorities retarder clases?
De la Lata: Wait, please, before all I have to quote Basadre as my colleagues used to.
J: OK, go  ahead.
De la Lata: Jorge Basadre said “yet, the educative improvement reaffirmation implies an act of faith in mankind, in people, country, youth, and in the future of Peru.”       
J: Nice quote!
De la Lata: Thanks.
J: thanks? Why? The quote is Basadre’s!
De la Lata: ermmm… please, let’s start the interview.
J: Well, I say you again: why don’t university classes start yet?
De la Lata: Really, I don’t know, but I can tell you my opinion.
J: sure.
De la Lata: I believe, authorities retard all these just for unimportant issues, you know… bureaucracy, paperwork… I don’t wanna believe they do so because they consider students like donkeys, as I read on a survey.
J: And then, what’s the value of all that fight against Rector at 2004?
De la Lata: That is a question you must ask students who fought. If we are sincere, all goes equal.
J: I agree. Now, tell me why teachers do nothing.
De la Lata: Our Universitaric Oath ban criticize the people pay us. If you want, I can recite it, it has good rhymes, anaphors, and methagoges.
J: Sorry, I can’t. time is up. I have always say time on TV is pretty cruel.
De la Lata: and on radio?
J: Is the most cruel.
De la Lata: and at newspapers?
J: Is still worse. Imagine once, just for got up some late, editor didn’t publish my Verb There is article.
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The name “Basija” is the Spanish adoption of an old and little known word, created by an esotericist. Its slow progress into Spain and the other Hipanic countries is the reason we transmit this post.
This word has been designed and developed during centuries.  Bear in consideration that its etymology comes from the oldest Indo-European languages.

We have found the term at a medieval author, Wolfram von Eschenbach, where we find the earliest version: WHÁSSIDJA.

BASIJA@HOTMAIL.COM is the first simple of that Word here in Peru. Ordinary and even twopenny, this is a beginning of a hidden plan. Although we don´t believe in words supernatural power, we warn people who believe in them is dangerous.

Let´s search dates and researches made about Whássidja.

At Mythologies we find the people supernatural believes; we find there some sources. For Scandinavian, Sleipnir, the eight feat Odin´s horse, has secret runes engraved on its teeth. To von Eschenbach –and this is said for Wagner at his Parsifal-, Sleipnir runes express the secret Whássidja near the King of gods. The Scandinavian belief in fate influence by the runes survived until modern times (see the case of Hitler).

Phonic relationships are often subtle but not negligible. Both, the name written by von Eschenbach and Odin´s Palace are similar:  Walhala, located in Asgard, is not like Whássidja? Another word is more unfortunate: SVARTALFA*, the darkness black elfos city.

That´s not all. This dark Word is not only at German language. Historians believe it comes from the oldest Indo European language known. The eight books of Panini, edited by Böhtlingx, say: “svamskrta means perfect, refined”, that is, “something defective needed to be improved” (pages 78-79). Svamskrta originates the language name: Sanskrit.

The German language oldest register at VII and X Centuries don´t show “Whássidja”, perhaps thanks to pagans’ fast conversion to Christianity. However, it reappears in Old High German (c. 1000 AD) as WÁSSAIDJAE, symbolized in a wide mouth container. When Luther established New High German, a rose instead Wássaidjae as symbol always connected to Saint Grail Legend. That is the reason Luther is related to Rosicrucian, and for what the rose is also known as “Luther Seal.”

Historians agree the famous Napoleon Bonaparte campaign to Egypt was not the supposed release of Mamluks. Bonaparte knew a sort of “magic key” hidden near there. Directing an excavation, and not building a fort as they told, captain Bouchard found the Rosetta stone, at 1799. The group of researches recruited by the Emperor found the wished “key” at the stone, but it was taken by the English due to war. They, thinking it was only a relic, placed it in the British Museum till today.

But the French had made copy of the inscription. New Egyptologists though the same way as English. However, a young man went further. Champolion noted a permanent and distinguished site a hieroglyphic appeared, site that indicated something extremely sacred. The discovery, got before he died, was impossible to explain. His early death at 1832 (he was born at 1790) just when he´d get a university chair to explain the discovery, is covered by mystery and generated much suspicion.

In Ancient, scholars like Horapollo, viewd the meaning into Whássidja. Much time after, Christian Emperor Justinian I banned study and use of Egyptian writing. An edition of Regnabit Magazine links Grail with Ancient Egypt: “At hieroglyphics, sacred writing where a thing´s image is often represented by the same word it label, heart was represented by just one symbol: the glass. A human heart, is not the glass where its life is developed with the blood?”

In the East, people related Whássidja or basija to triangle with the apex downwards. These symbols are considered disastrous to some Christian, but new trends show the case differently. BASIJA is the first part of a new pervert Conspiracy. Is important to divulge the information y has no contact to owner, because we consider could be dangerous to you.

Agustín Lea Suárez


*svartalfa, metathesis in initial S, that goes to the middle when R disappears; ALF phonic group turns D.

By the way, all foregoing comes from my imagination. I wrote this because of some apocalyptic comments based on legends and pseudo histories heard by me on certain radios. It´s very easy, for History connoisseurs, create a story trying to “explicate” hard to understand events, or justify all sorts of ideas with so certified “theories” –to profanes- and so serious as a blogger can be the most important source. A more reflective reading could clarify all (to achieve this is important someone not fanatic, obviously).

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Around 2005, when I was already in Arequipa.

_So, Peter, what do you think about these “tico”1? I believe they are a nuisance, I don´t understand why do exist so many of them.

_But, What´s wrong with you?, I know their negative aspects but they are the only way to live for many families.

_That´s true, I´m sorry. I mustn´t say that, even less if I am freshman. With all this strikes and low quality education, I suppose the “tico” is an important part of my future.

_Yes, you should know the popular proverb: “There is one tico waiting each graduated.” 

_Sure; then job is not worth of my worry. That not implies students suffer because of other things.

_Why do you say so?

_First of all, we are not studiying. Besides, the day the strike started, authorities closed the Dining Hall. Hundred of poor and “abroad” students, who have already pre-paid their lunch and dinner, were homeless for days. During the other strikes, it had happened the same. I could eat at soup kitchens because I had forgot buy  the ticket.

_ Then, you are not from here.

_No; this is the first time I live in Arequipa. The Misti looks stunning; people is nice; weather, some cold; it´s too much sunny and I´ve never seen so many tourists I my life!

_ I hope these strikes don´t give you a bad impression of Arequipa.

_ Don´t worry, man. I believe is good to see people defending and fighting for their rights. That shows we´re not asleep but conscious, although I´m not convinced the strikes.

_ People in Arequipa has always been ready to defend their interests.

_Yeah; I´ve read about your fierce people at Jorge Basadre´s books, my countryman.

_Fine. But strikes harm students, anyway.

_ It seems at strikes’ dairy  is always the mention: “delay classes.” 

_And at curricula seem to be –as another subject- “undefined strike at this or that month.” Terrible, ´cause students are the future of Peru. 

_ School students –poor!- are worst each day. First, the teaching is deficient; in spite of it, members of SUTEP2 organize their strikes just for more money, while their teaching worth less than half they earn, actually. I ask myself, why don´t buy and read a monthly book at least to be better teachers.

_ I´ve heard History teachers say Pétit Thouars shelled Chileans.

_ I´ve heard Litterature teachers say the book “Gargantua and Pantagruel” is about a hairy child´s birth.

_And don´t forget the typic Phylosophy teacher who does not know the meaning of concepts she teachs.

_Please, stop or this conversation lasts per omnia secula seculorum.

_ And what about University? Good teaching?

_Well, not bad, in my view, but I have been there just  one month of these six, I believe. Teachers teach good.

_ Do you know their salary? I suppose is low and it explains all these claims.

_Actually, I don´t know, perhaps 2000 nuevos soles.

_Now they want to earn 8000. Do you believe that if the Government approve the Homologation3, teachers teach four times better?

_That is the idea, but it seems so ideal as Plato´s Republic. I´d be happy if they just let us go on with our classes, and improve, not four times but twice. People say Peruvian education is among the lowest on South America.  

_Sure, Government is not interested about education. Look the Budget, all to Debt.

_ The “Eternal Debt”. In fact, there are people wishing maintain us as we are, donkeys.

_All the teachers must earn more, of course, but students mustn´t pay the consequences of their protests.

_Yes, we deserve a better education. If students made a strike, lol. What do I say! Imagine students on strike. They, housewifes and congressmen are the unique who make strikes.

_Dammit!, what´s the problema? We are in Democrace, supposedly the king of political systems!

_ I don´t know, Peter. In my childhood reminds I see a better situation in my family, and people say that time was a dictatorship.

_ Are you serious? Are  you in favor of Mr. Fugitive.4

_Not really. I just wanna say you that in both Democracy and Dictatorship all is similar. I don´t remember the psychologist who named Democracy as Mediocracy, I mean, the government of mediocre.

_That´s your opinión. I only wait the end of these riots and strikes to drivers can work. You don´t know the difficult to a humble worker to find cars for washing and earns a bit f money during these days.

_ I agree. God wants things go better.


1 The “ticos” are a sort of car used often as Taxis in many cities of Perú: fast, little, cheap and easy to drive.
2 SUTEP is the union of public schools teacher in Peru, the union is more politic than academic.
3 Homologation Law is a proposal in what university teacher would earn so much as a member of the Supreme Court.
4 I´m talking about ex-president Alberto Fujimori, who was out of Perú when I wrote this Dialogue.